MVP Sponsors


The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation, formed in 1982, contributes to a variety of nonprofit organizations in the communities where Dorsey is located. Contributions focus on organizations, programs and projects that contribute to the cultural, civic, educational and general welfare of each community as a whole, as well as nonprofits that provide legal services for people who cannot otherwise afford representation.

rubinbrownRubinBrown is one of the nation’s largest accounting and business consulting firms, with more than 400 team members working from offices in Denver, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Founded in 1952, the firm’s award-winning team members hold leadership roles in both national and local accounting organizations and have worked to establish best practices in accounting within specific industry segments. RubinBrown is an independent member of Baker Tilly International, a network of 150 independent firms in 120 countries.


In addition to our corporate MVP Sponsors listed above, thank you to the following private MVP Sponsors for their support of the Denver Rotary Club Foundation and its efforts to support Denver Kids, Inc.

  • Jerry & Joyce Middel